The Advantages of Partnering with Lekiu – Why Choose Us?

  1. Lekiu Distributors Ltd., formerly known as Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. was founded in 1946. We intrinsically know the food and general merchandise distribution business.
  2. The Lekiu Team is anchored by decades years of experience unmatched in other companies in the distributing industry.
  3. This is supported by long-term relationships with hundreds of suppliers and retail partners.
  4. We can help grow your brands in the Canadian and USA market. Whatever your goal is (increasing market share, increasing brand awareness, implementing promotions, etc.), the category brand managers have decades of expertise to help you.
  5. Our sales team is extremely hardworking in pushing your products to our retail partners. The sales team has unshakeable relationships with our retail partners.
  6. You get the entire package: warehousing, distribution, marketing, and sales support when you partner with Lekiu Distributors Ltd.

We cordially invite you to contact us to explore the unlimited opportunities.