Company Profile

Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. is a leading food, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty aids, and general merchandise importer and distributor in Canada since 1946. The 70+ years of success has been built on practicing modern and ethical sales and marketing processes.
All of our products go through an intensive marketing research program that focuses on quality, value, and authenticity. The products meet government regulations standards and conform to all label regulations.

Our Vision

The Lekiu team strives to be the most sought-after distributor to the retail sector and the consumer market. We will expand, by twofold, our already vast network of national and major ethnic wholesalers and retailers across Canada and be the leading supplier for them.

Our Mission

At Lekiu, we take pride in espousing values of respect, ethicalness, integrity, accountability, and responsibility. Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. is constantly innovating its strategy to offer sustainable benefits for our partners and the local community. We wish to improve the health and well-being of our customers by providing valued-added and healthy products.

In-Depth Look

Lekiu Importing (LKI) was founded in 1946 by Gunn Louie and his two returning war veteran sons who served in the Royal Canadian Army during the Second World War (1939- 1945). His three daughters were also integral to the success of LKI.
Prior to the start of the Korean War in 1950, the youngest son who finished basic training in the Canadian Army, was honorably discharged, and joined LKI.
For over 70 years, Lekiu Importing has been one of Canada’s leading distributors of Asian foods and global products. We have grown tremendously into a leader in the Canadian food distributing industry.

Products distributed now include:

  • Specialty foods of all nationalities (including European)
  • Pharmaceuticals (over the counter)
  • Health and beauty Aids (HABA)
  • General merchandise (GM)

Canadian and Privately-Owned

Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd. is a privately held, 100% Canadian-owned company.

It is NOT a subsidiary or a division of retail or wholesale groups such as:
H.Y. Louie Co., Ltd – London Drugs and Fresh Street Market
Loblaws – T & T Supermarkets and Canda Six Fortune Enterprises.

Because we are not a subsidiary or division of retail or wholesale companies, LKI is able to cover 100% of the Canadian market without any conflicts of interest.  We do not give special preference to specific retail groups.

LKI is NOT a non-Canadian, foreign wholesaler such as JFC International (Japan foods), Nishimoto/Wismettac Asian Foods, or Tree of Life/KeHE Distributors.


Respect, Ethicalness, Integrity, Accountability, and Responsibility

Our Commitment to Legal Compliance and with Integrity

Our personal compliance program ensures that we obey all applicable laws and regulations while conducting business around the world.  We gain the trust of our stakeholders through practicing the traits of respect, ethicalness, integrity, accountability, and responsibility.

Because we value such traits, we also look for suppliers, vendors, principals, and customers that champion such values.

For our current and potential suppliers, the seven key criteria for LKI are:

[1] Meeting Health Canada standards

[2] Competitively priced

[3] Steady supply

[4] Meeting market demand,

[5] In-line with consumer trends

[6] Providing advertising and promotion support

[7] Partnership building

In addition to the supplier criteria, for products, we put heavy emphasis on authenticity, quality, and value.

Sustainability – Protecting Earth’s Resources

Every Business Decision Takes Sustainable Practices Into Consideration

Sustainability is all about preserving the air, water, land, and people on Earth.  From macro-scale issues like greenhouse gases to climate change, to local issues like coffee and cocoa farmers earning a fair wage, Lekiu Importing Co. Ltd.  is committed to supporting suppliers, customers, and business processes that will have positive impacts in the world we live in.