1st Choice

1st Choice products include seaweed and kimchi. It is a well-known brand in Canada sold in many ethnic supermarkets.



Rated as the #1 confectionery brand in Asia, Glico is well-known for their Pocky products. Made with high quality ingredients from Japan, Glico consistently brings out new and exciting products.

Golden Yuan

Golden Yuan is a Canadian maker of fortune cookies and noodles.  Their products are of restaurant quality since 1963.

Farmer Brand

Farmer Brand Roasted Peanuts has been the trusted snack since
1940s in Malaysia.

Khong Guan

A  famous brand of biscuits in Asia, this Singaporean biscuit company is incredibly large with worldwide distribution.


America’s favorite take-along snack, available in seven fun flavors, Pik-Nik makes the snacks using only fresh potatoes, pure vegetable oil, and the finest seasonings. They are great for snacks or in recipes.

The Golden Duck

Headquartered in Singapore, The Golden Duck is well known for the creation of the globally raved-about Salted Egg Yolk flavour fish skin snacks.